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Crafting Disruptive Strategies
When market cap and revenue growth trails peers
For Boards and the C-suite

The strategy process is designed to create a plan for innovation and growth.  


Today, disruption is coming from every angle including firms that have no logical reason for entering your market.  Digital natives and market disruptors are rapidly creating new ways for products to transform markets.


Key examples:

  • A former online bookseller is the eCommerce market leader in providing artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and cloud infrastructure solutions for the CIA, Lyft, Peloton, the NFL, and countless other firms

  • An online advertising company has become a dominant player in the autonomous truck, facial recognition, and geo-mapping industries

Our mission is to provide disruptive strategic plans that are powered by customers
Job-to-Be-Done and digital tools.  Our ultimate goal is to assist organizations in improving business performance, while unlocking shareholder value.




See markets through the lens of customers Job-To-be Done

while discovering hidden opportunities for growth

By reviewing customers through a jobs-to-be-done lens, together we will discover additional products and services customers need to complete   a job.  For example, when a lawnmower company discovers that their customer's job-to-be-done is to have a beautiful, well-maintained lawn, management realizes that the customer needs fertilizer, flowers, gloves, a shovel, etc. to complete their job.  Insights from the customer's
job-to-be-done are key ingredients to formulate a market growth strategy that will shape your future.

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